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Yoga Rahasya
Vol.23 No.3 2016

The 2016 Publication of 'Yoga Rahasya' Vol.23 No.3 2016 has an excellent background to the history and impact of 'Light On Yoga' and how B.K.S Iyengar created one of the worlds most popular printed yoga guides.

Articles in Yoga Rahasya | Vol.23 No.3 2016

- Guruji on why he wrote Light on Yoga
- Light on Light on Yoga
- Presentation of āsana in Light on Yoga
- Guruji on the 300 week course on Light on Yoga
- Gems from Light on Yoga
- Evolution since Light on Yoga
- Light on Yoga to Light on Prāņāyāma
- Geetaji on Light on Yoga
- Guruji's mind on Light on Yoga
- Light on Yoga times
- Forms of Light on Yoga
- The making of Light on Yoga - A daunting task
- Light on photography
- Acknowledgements from the dignitaries
- What the readers write
- The impact of Light on Yoga on Yoga publications
    in the UK
- Facts about Light on Yoga
- Dulatity free state in an āsana
John Ferrabee

John Ferrabee is a practicing Iyengar Yoga Instructor who is based in the Cotswolds.

Whilst attending the annual Iyengar Yoga Conventrion over the past 8 years, John has been collecting and selling original print copies of 'Light on Yoga' as well as re-print editions.

John is a fully registered and insured teacher of the Iyengar® Yoga Association.

For further details please contact

John Ferrabee
Iyengar Yoga Studio
Yoga Classes Cheltenham
9 Suffolk Square
GL50 2DR

T: 01242 222356
M: 07876 194942
E: john@yogaclassescheltenham.co.uk

Facts About Light on Yoga
Ref: Yoga Rahasya Vol.23 No.3 2016 Publisjed by YOG, Mumbai
First published:   1966
First Publisher:   George Allen and Unwin
Other Publishers:   Mandala [1971]
Schocken Books [1976]
The Aquarian Press [1991]
Harper Collins [1998]
Thorsons [1991]
Schocken [1995]
Thorsons [2006]
Harper Thorsens [2015]
No. of Photographs:   602
No. of asanas:   200
No. of pranayamas:   12
Recommendations for number of diseases:   87
Most difficult star rating:   60 stars Triang Mukhottasana
No. of languages:   26
Languages:   English

Indian: Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam
European: Bulgarian, Czech, French, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish
South American: Brazilian, Portuguese
Asian: Chinese (complex and simple), Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai.
Number of impressions:   39 in UK
Approx. number of copies sold in English:   More than one million till April 2014. The sales picked up extensively in the last two years
Amazon ranking in best sellers:   13 in the philosophy and 23 in Healthy living and wellness
Letters from Dignititries
Addressed to B.K.S Iyengar on the realease of the first edition of 'Light On Yoga' 1966-1968